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Design & Build Services

Design & Build

Our experienced team members are experts at building homes. Villaworx Construction Will Bring Your Dream Home To Life!

Already have an idea of what you want your dream home to look like? We can help you make your dream a reality, whether you already have house design plans drawn up or you are still in visualisation stages. Our knowledgeable team at Villaworx Construction can assist you from whatever stage you are at in your design and build project.

The design & build process

Dream, Design, Build

1. Dream
Collect Inspiration

Collecting inspiration from different home designs is one of the best ways to find out what features and living space you want to include in your new home. The best place to start collecting inspiration are places like Pinterest, or even home and garden magazines. 

Create different folders or categories for bathroom, kitchen, living spaces, exterior and garden. You can then start collecting images, information and articles that inspire you. For example, a bathroom you love, a kitchen or living room you can see yourself in, cladding, lighting, garden and landscaping – everything that inspires you!

Visit your building site

Visit the land you are going to build on and really get to know it in all different hours of the day (morning, midday and afternoon-evening) and visualise where you would like each part of your living space to be.

There are some external factors to consider when choosing the placement of your home on the site, for example, native vegetation, drainage, lighting, it is also important that you have a real feel of the land you are about to build on.

When you are ready to approach the design and build stage, share with us your inspiration folders and site information so we can get an idea of what your dream home looks like and help you achieve it!

Want to chat about your home inspiration over a coffee?

2. Design
Talk to us

We work with a range of award-winning architects who we know and trust. Whether you know exactly how you want your dream home to look and function, or you want to completely leave it up to the experts we work with a range of award-winning architects who we know and trust. We will refer you to an architectural designer who is best suited to your project, to kick start your home design process.

3. Build
Plans and Consents

If you already have your home design or concept plans, the next step is proceeding to final building plans for consent and construction.

At Villaworx Construction we will walk you through the entire part of process until you have an approved building consent ready to go.

Already Have House Plans?

After Building Consent has been issued, we are now able to start the building process! From earthworks and foundations to the construction, cladding and interior finishing, our team of experienced builders will complete your home with a high-end finish.

We understand home prices can sound daunting so send us your plans and we will provide you with a fixed price contract to complete your dream home. You will feel reassured knowing that your project will come in on budget. 

An Idea to a Finished New Building, Renovation or Extension

This is the process from a construction idea (Renovation, Extension or New Build) to completed project.
New Builds & Design | Villaworx Construction
Project Idea

Either New Build, Renovation or Extension.

Concept Plans

Sketching/Modelling of ideas (Design Phase) by Interior Designers Architect, or Draftsmen.

Resource Consent

Drawn up by an Architect or Draftsmen and submitted to Council. Geotechnical Engineer engaged to test the ground.

Building Consent

Drawn up by an Architect or Draftsmen and submitted to Council. Structural Engineers have an input in design for anything outside the scope of the Building Standard NZ3604.

Contact A Building Company

Once the Council has STAMPED (approved) your plans, you sign a contract with a building Company like Villaworx Construction to build your project. We will oversee and project manage the entire build. Subcontractors such as (Surveyors, Plumbers, Electricians, Drain Layers, Structural Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Water Proofers, Tilers, Plasters, Painters, Stone Masons, Block Layers, Brick Layers, Roofers, Landscapers) are engaged in a critical path time line to complete the Job, which is project managed by the building company.

Finished Project

Either the owner (client) or the Building Company applies for Code of Compliance after the final inspection is passed by the Council.

We love talking to people about their projects, so whether you’re just exploring options and need some advice, or you already have some plans in place, we’d love to hear from you, no obligations at all