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Hepburn Street New Build

With a completely modern interior and character-filled exterior, this new build is an impressive and unique project. Both project management and construction was completed by Villaworx Construction. The 1700sqm property was subdivided into two sections. From this point we moved the original villa over onto one of the sections to allow room for us to build this brand new 690sqm house.

New Builds & Design | Villaworx Construction

Hepburn Street Villa Restoration

This villa was one of the biggest restoration projects in Auckland and recently sold for 7.6 million. This restoration project included reframing all interior walls, strengthening the top-level ceiling and roof structure, strengthening multiple exterior walls and adding structural beams and portals to correct overspanned floor joists and ceiling constructions.
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Kitchen Renovation | Villaworx Construction

Waiatarua Renovation

This was a project we undertook in Waiatarua, which the initial scope of work was a quick renovation remodelling and repairing the interior due to water damage and a general need of some maintenance. It became very apparent the house was in a poor state as we began demolition. This led to everything being replaced including framing, cladding, joinery and roofing. A few extra touches were also added a new deck to the rear of the house and a new front entry/ outdoor living area to the front of the house. This was a very challenging yet exciting project for us as we had a large amount of creative freedom. Owners Rob and Paula are very happy with their freshly renovated house which has gone from old and cold to nice new and cosy.

Bethels Road Restoration

Nestled along the picturesque Bethels Road this restoration beautifully transformed an old structure into a lovely home with a new lease of life. Now, this former “diamond in the rough” stands proudly as a shining example of what careful restoration can achieve. Witness the stunning revival of this old treasure on Bethels Road.

Bush Road Bathroom Renovation

This bathroom renovation showcases modern aesthetics with functionality. A standout feature is the generous shower space which maximises the available space to create a luxurious feel. The shower insert adds a modern and stylish, harmonising with the tasteful selection of tile colours from a natural palette.